Move In / Move Out

Tackle your moving, while we tackle the cleaning

In any circumstances, moving in or out of the house is a startling event which designates a transition to a new stage of life. In order to make it a celebration rather than a nightmare, there should be as less pressure and rush as possible. Our mission is to alleviate your stress and to do what we have perfected for years — an immaculate move in/move out cleaning, which will exceed your expectations.

Which facilities are included in the move in/move out service

Whether you enter your new and yet unknown home or say goodbye to a place you lived in for years, cleaning is often disregarded, yet is still important part of the process. We will do our best to refresh the house to your arrival or before new owners come to the place. Move in/move out package includes every regular facility that we offer: dust removal, vacuuming and mopping, disinfecting the bathroom, surface cleaning, and others. If any rubbish or construction remains are left, we will make sure to fix it as well. .

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