Great Value Everyday Strong Paper Towels, Split Sheet, 2 Double Rolls


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Great Value Everyday Strong Paper Towels feature 2-ply sheets that are super strong and absorbent, making them the perfect solution for your home. This absorbent towel has the perfect combination of strength and soft texture that you’ve been looking for. The pack features two double rolls that give you twice as many sheets as regular rolls, so you can tackle tough messes with less. The split sheets are perfectly sized to allow you to clean up spills, dirt, grime, food waste and more. The rolls are conveniently sized to easily fit in any kitchen, bathroom, workspace, etc. Each roll includes 110 sheets with a lovely embossed pattern that not only looks great but helps add to their cleaning power. Experience the difference with Great Value Everyday Strong Paper Towels.

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Great Value Everyday Strong Paper Towels, Split Sheet, 2 Double Rolls:

  • 2-ply paper towels
  • 2 double rolls = 4 regular rolls
  • 110 split sheets per roll
  • Strong and absorbent